Barbara Stanwyck

as (in "Sorry - Wrong Number") (archive footage)
as Geraldine Parkington
as Miriam Jennings
as Maggie Morgan
as Jessica Drummond
as Cora Sutliff
as Norma Miller Vale
as Kathy Ferguson
as Martha Wilkison
as Julia O. Tredway
as Cheryl Draper
as Sierra Nevada Jones
as Naomi Murdoch
as Julia Sturges
as Helen Stilwin
as Marina Conway
as Mae Doyle D'Amato
as Helen Ferguson / Patrice Harkness
as Vance Jeffords
as Regina Forbes
as Joan Phillips Boothe
as Leona Cotterell Stevenson
as Pauline 'Polly' Fulton Brett
as Lily Bishop
as Karen Duncan
as Sally Morton Carroll
as Sandra Marshall
as Jessica Drummond
as Sally Apley Warren
as Phyllis Dietrichson
as Joan Stanley (segment 3)
as Hannah Sempler Hoyt
as Fiona Gaylord
as Sugarpuss O’Shea
as Jean Harrington
as Ann Mitchell
as Lorna Moon
as Mollie Monahan
as Margot Weston
as Valentine Ransome
as Stella Dallas
as Pearl Elliott Holley
as Rita Wilson Claybourne
as Raphaelita Maderos
as Annie Oakley
as Shelby Barret Wyatt
as Drue Van Allen
as Jennifer Lady Lee
as Marian Ormsby Forrester
as Lily Powers
as Nan Taylor / Nan Ellis / Mrs. Andrews
as Mary Archer Wilbrandt
as Kitty Lane
as Joan Gordon Gilson
as Selina Peake De Jong
as Barbara O'Neill
as Florence Fallon
as Lora Hart
as Anne Vincent
as Mexicali Rose
Image of Barbara Stanwyck
Name: Barbara Stanwyck
Born: 1907-07-16
Age: 83
Gender: Female
City: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 102
Died Date: 1990-01-20
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