Anthony Wong

as Leung Cheong-wing
as Lam Sik-Ka/Lam Sing
as Principal (voice)
as Zhuge Zhenwo
as Zhuge Zhenwo
as Zhuge Zhenwo
as Lo Fung
as Power, Super druglord
as Principal (voice)
as Grasshopper
as Wong Ho-chiu
as Lee Yuen Kwai
as Principal / Master / Xiongbo (voice)
as Theatre Caretaker
as Shing's boss
as Nam's Father
as Bunta 'Tofuman' Fujiwara
as Uncle Li [voice: Cantonese]
as Principal / waiter (voice)
as Inspector Wong Chi Shing
as Superintendent Wong Chi Shing
as Lester Wong
as Superintendent Wong Chi Shing
as School Principal / Logan (voice)
as William/Uncle Tony
as Pastor Gan Da Shi
as Master Kwan Wan Cheung
as Dr. Tang Chin-Chau
as Wang Kuo-Hsin
as Captain Pang
as Wisdom / Chi Wai
as Toy salesman
as Brother Kei
as Pride / Katanaka Fuji
as Wong Jingqiu
as Officer Lazyboots
as Pal, Ching Hoi
as Officer Chiu
as Teacher Wong
as Chiu Tai-Pang
as Tai Fai (as Wong Chau Sang)
as Host / Insp. Wong / Mr Shaw B/ John
as Biu Hang Gip Fei
as Wong Ging Sing
as ong Chi Ming / Marshmallow
as Master Liu Sheng Ming
as Officer Gam Kwok Ho
as Wong Chi Hang
as Sam Wai Wong
as Chu Ta Chung / Ta Tung's father [2 Roles]
as Johnny Wong
as Inspector Lu Ping
as Nerd's Brother
as Wu Tung/Chiu Sheng
as Joseph's associate
as Devt Manager Cheung
Image of Anthony Wong
Name: Anthony Wong
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 171
Died Date:
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