Andie MacDowell

as Monica Greer
as Doris Lovejoy
as Joanne Winters
as Lovie Rudland
as Marvel Steinbrink
as Nancy Davidson
as Stella Fine
as Vi Moore
as Enid Goldberg
as Maryanne Abbate
as Monique Lamont
as Helen Kalahan
as Monique Lamont
as Charlotte 'Lottie' Louise Du Bose
as Etta the Hen (voice)
as Kathy Macfarlane
as Kate Scales
as Eugenie Clayborne
as Shelley Snipes
as Linda Palinski
as Laura Phillips
as Laura Kinney
as Dorothy Winters
as Eileen Spenser
as Rita Hanson
as Ann Finnigan
as Andie MacDowell
as Anna Baragli
as Tina Leslie Oates
as Brontë Mitchell Faure
as Ann Bishop Mullany
as Dale Biberman
Image of Andie MacDowell
Name: Andie MacDowell
Born: 1958-04-21
Age: 64
Gender: Female
City: Gaffney, South Carolina, USA
Know works: 58
Died Date:
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