Allison Janney

as Miss Massey
as Susan Estrich
as Pam Gluckin
as Margaux Needler (voice)
as Doctor Brooks
as LaVona Golden
as Rose Chipley
as Peach (voice)
as Detective Sgt. Riley
as Elaine Crocker
as Dottie Piper
as Madge Nelson (voice)
as Ms. Grunion (voice)
as Mary Weldon
as Betty Thompson
as Dr. Bernice Deagan
as Professor Judith Fairfield
as Sheryl Phillips
as Samantha Davis
as Charlotte Phelan
as Monica Patterson
as Carol Ostroff
as Bren MacGuff
as Prudy Pringleton
as Gladys (voice)
as Allie Stiffle
as Eugenia Crocker
as Joan Whitfield
as Molly Ripkin
as Peach (voice)
as Lydia Martin
as Sally Lester
as Kathy McCormack
as Lyla Branch
as Barbara Fitts
as Evelyn Isaacs
as Dr. Melanie Abbasac
as Dot Halford
as Lilah Leech
as Saleslady
as Mary Polanski
as Woman in Christmas Shop
as Party Guest
as NYPD Computer Operator
Image of Allison Janney
Name: Allison Janney
Born: 1959-11-19
Age: 63
Gender: Female
City: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Know works: 77
Died Date:
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