Original music composers

Cover of Stephen Endelman Stephen Endelman
Cover of Seitaro Omori Seitaro Omori
Cover of Nathan Wang Nathan Wang
Cover of Coriolano Gori Coriolano Gori
Cover of Ken Thorne Ken Thorne
Cover of Michael Tavera Michael Tavera
Cover of Darrell Calker Darrell Calker
Cover of Richard LaSalle Richard LaSalle
Cover of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Cover of Roberto Pregadio Roberto Pregadio
Cover of Fred Steiner Fred Steiner
Cover of Dana Kaproff Dana Kaproff
Cover of Nakaba Takahashi Nakaba Takahashi
Cover of Volker Bertelmann Volker Bertelmann
Cover of Éric Serra Éric Serra
Cover of Jon Brion Jon Brion
Cover of Eddie H. Wang Chi-Ren Eddie H. Wang Chi-Ren
Cover of Rogerio Duprat Rogerio Duprat
Cover of Teizô Matsumura Teizô Matsumura
Cover of William Wu Wai-Lap William Wu Wai-Lap
Cover of Luigi Ceccarelli Luigi Ceccarelli
Cover of Isaac Schwartz Isaac Schwartz
Cover of Hans-Martin Majewski Hans-Martin Majewski
Cover of Atticus Ross Atticus Ross
Cover of Heather McIntosh Heather McIntosh
Cover of Jesús Franco Jesús Franco
Cover of Joseph J. Lilley Joseph J. Lilley
Cover of Steven Price Steven Price
Cover of Justin Prabhakaran Justin Prabhakaran
Cover of Joseph Bishara Joseph Bishara
Cover of Carl Davis Carl Davis
Cover of Philippe Rombi Philippe Rombi
Cover of Christopher Franke Christopher Franke
Cover of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Cover of Douglas Gamley Douglas Gamley
Cover of Mason Daring Mason Daring
Cover of Brian Byrne Brian Byrne
Cover of Richard Rodney Bennett Richard Rodney Bennett
Cover of Julian Wass Julian Wass
Cover of Herschel Burke Gilbert Herschel Burke Gilbert
Cover of Robert Drasnin Robert Drasnin
Cover of Raimund Rosenberger Raimund Rosenberger
Cover of Richard Hartley Richard Hartley
Cover of James L. Venable James L. Venable
Cover of Tom Scott Tom Scott
Cover of Shirley Walker Shirley Walker
Cover of Mort Glickman Mort Glickman
Cover of Manuel Parada Manuel Parada
Cover of Alfred Schnittke Alfred Schnittke
Cover of Gregorio García Segura Gregorio García Segura
Cover of Josef Dobeš Josef Dobeš
Cover of Ry Cooder Ry Cooder
Cover of Jay Chattaway Jay Chattaway
Cover of Paul Chihara Paul Chihara
Cover of Andrea Guerra Andrea Guerra
Cover of Peyman Yazdanian Peyman Yazdanian
Cover of Alain Goraguer Alain Goraguer
Cover of Jesús García Leoz Jesús García Leoz
Cover of George Antheil George Antheil
Cover of Gerard Carbonara Gerard Carbonara
Cover of Deva Deva
Cover of Björn Isfält Björn Isfält
Cover of Franco Piersanti Franco Piersanti
Cover of David Holmes David Holmes
Cover of George Bruns George Bruns
Cover of Yoshihiro Hanno Yoshihiro Hanno
Cover of Werner Eisbrenner Werner Eisbrenner
Cover of Guy Farley Guy Farley
Cover of Joe Kraemer Joe Kraemer
Cover of David Kitay David Kitay
Cover of Willy Schmidt-Gentner Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Cover of Manuel De Sica Manuel De Sica
Cover of Daniel Hart Daniel Hart
Cover of George Stoll George Stoll
Cover of Eiichi Yamada Eiichi Yamada
Cover of Mark Thomas Mark Thomas
Cover of Mischa Spoliansky Mischa Spoliansky
Cover of Rudy Schrager Rudy Schrager
Cover of Ikuma Dan Ikuma Dan
Cover of Senji Itô Senji Itô
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