Alan Mowbray

as Sir John Hay
as Alphonsus Mannering
as Lee Filbert, segment "The Chef"
as Editor of Gladiators
as Lord Charles Willoughby
as The Hon Cecil Daubrey
as Dr. A. Locksley Hall
as Deveny (Bryant Detective Agency)
as Lyle Maxwell
as Granville Thorndyke
as Major Duncan-Bleek
as General George Washington
as Douglas Crane
as Breckinridge Drake
as J. Webster Hackett
as Mr. Pennington
as John Robert Powers
as Grand Duke Basil
as Hugo Martindale
as Jay Jerkins, Dick's Butler
as Sir William Hamilton
as Pete Ellis
as Freddie Browning
as Donald Avery
as Charles Spencer Gardner III
as le Prince Smirnov
as Wilkins - Topper's Butler
as Koslofski
as Frederick Sims
as Wilkins - Topper Butler
as Alexander Duprey
as Henry Morgan
as Leon Rodowsky
as Dr. Maurice Pauquet
as Paul Sandor
as Paul Harding
as Jay Holmes
as Rawdon Crawley
as Geoffrey Richmond
as Prince Metternich
as Capt. Christopher 'Chris' Brent
as Sir Philip Ivor
as Count de Sarnac
as Major Clinton
as Arthur Bradley
as Detective Fritz
as Forbes, the etiquette teacher
as Arthur Drinton
as Gordon Rich
as George Washington
as Auguste, Toto's Butler
Image of Alan Mowbray
Name: Alan Mowbray
Born: 1896-08-18
Age: 73
Gender: Male
City: London, England, UK
Know works: 98
Died Date: 1969-03-25
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