Lam Suet

as Boss Fong
as Fatty (Constable)
as Convenience store boss
as Lee Tak Shing
as Construction Worker
as Wah-tao
as Water-Father
as Deputy mayor Cheung Ho-Tin
as His Excellency Wu Fa Da
as Fat Tong / Sgt Lam Tong
as Wong Shu Chor / Fat Ball
as Yan's Roomate
as Orderly [cameo]
as Fatso - Ko's Inner Personality (as Lam Suet)
as Loan Shark Cheng
as Fat Bo (as Lam Suet)
as Ng Tung / Fatman
as Brother Pang
as Officer 'Brother' Sum (as Lam Suet)
as Fat (as Lam Suet)
as Big Head
as Milk powder shoplifter
as Mou Wai-Bun
as Axe Gang Vice General
as Fat policeman outside toilet
as Fatty (as Lam Suet)
as Restaurant Owner
as Sgt. Lo Sa
as Hoi Yeuk's father
as Kam Hing Cheung
as May's Father (as Lam Suet)
as Reverend Henry Yeung
as Sing Wah Chyun
as Prime Minister
as Ken (as Lam Suet)
as Martin (as Lam Suet)
as Dr. Andy
as Cafe Owner's Assistant
as Tall Wai's man
as Arsonist
as Mah jong heavy
as Tourist with family photographed by Cheo
as Pudgy Triad Member
Image of Lam Suet
Name: Lam Suet
Born: 1964-07-08
Age: 57
Gender: Male
City: Tianjin, Hong Kong
Know works: 140
Died Date:
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