Keenan Wynn

as Dr. Lasser
as Old Fisherman
as Charlie
as Captain Cully / Harpy (voice)
as Tom Babson
as Bill Schwartz
as Sherman 'Sherm' Moss
as Meat Cleaver Stewart
as Winfield Root
as Fenton 'F.R.' Granger
as Colonel Farley
as U.S. Secretary of Defense
as H.H. Small
as Mr. Green
as Sheriff Owens
as Donny McDonald
as Detective Hanratty
as Harry McKenna
as Martin Ridgeway
as Sheriff 'Houndtooth' Riley
as Gen. Harry Gobohare
as Chief John Poldaski
as Edward
as Winter Warlock (voice)
as Vince Heber
as General Lacomber
as Barney Glover
as General Blackwish
as Senator Billboard Rawkins
as Major Charlie Doneghan
as Wes Fletcher
as Sgt. Ed Musso
as Luke Plummer
as Hezekiah Sturdy
as Harvey Huntington Honeywagon
as Harry Silver
as Alonzo P. Hawk
as Lieut. Winston
as Harvey Franklin
as Lt. Cmdr. Mike Edge
as Harold Hathaway
as Ken Osanger
as Sgt. Orvil Statt
as Police Sgt. Jumbo Culdane
as Sgt. Kellwin
as Mr. Edwards
as Irving Klinger / Edgar Klinger
as Dan Sabinas
as Charlie Davenport
as Artie Geoffrey Glenson
as Martin Delwyn 'Marty' Ainsley
as Ronnie Hastings
as Clarence "Clinker" Krause
as Warren Haggerty
as The Drunk
as Quentin Ladd
as Caller (segment Number Please)
as Lieutenant Solomon
as Packy Roost
as Stunt Double
Image of Keenan Wynn
Name: Keenan Wynn
Born: 1916-07-27
Age: 70
Gender: Male
City: New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 133
Died Date: 1986-10-14
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