Karl Stegger

as Grillbar-indehaver
as Chief of Boat
as Postbud Rasmussen
as Major Basse
as Barneweller
as Trafikministeren
as Martin Hageholm
as Advokat Andersen
as Konditoren
as Knud Larsen
as Godsbestyrer Koch
as Bagermester Jacobsen
as Advokat Andersen
as Kaptajn Peter Nielsen
as Gustav Stormann
as Direktør Mikkelsen
as Thorvald Christensen
as Caretaker
as Betjent Holm
as Carl Conrad Clausen
as Overbetjent Duus Jensen
as Mathisen - Skuespiller
as A.H. Jessen
as Julius Müller
as Oberst Madsen
as Pastor Tittaton
as Sigurd
as Chauffør Poul Nielsen
as Kriminalassistent Dallerup
as Per Mortensen
as Hr. Tim Feddersen
as (Ullabellas far
as Frederiksen, hushovmester
as Justitsminister
as Chauffør Karlsen
as Fængselsbetjent
as Skibsofficer
as Slagtermesteren
as Byrådsformanden
as Peter Hansen - landmand
Image of Karl Stegger
Name: Karl Stegger
Born: 1913-01-11
Age: 67
Gender: Male
City: Aarhus, Denmark
Know works: 129
Died Date: 1980-04-13
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