Joe Alaskey

as The Wizard of Oz / Butch / Droopy
as Erik the Newscaster (voice)
as Daffy Duck / Sylvester the Cat / Marvin the Martian / Pepe Le Pew / Foghorn Leghorn
as Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck (voice)
as Officer Wembley (voice)
as Louis 'Grandpa' Pickles (voice)
as Grandpa Lou Pickles (voice)
as Tweety / Sylvester / Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Marvin the Martian / Colonel Rimfire / Henery Hawk / Pepe Le Pew (voice)
as Grandpa Lou Pickles (voice)
as Stinkie (voice)
as Sylvester / Daffy Duck (voice)
as Plucky Duck (voice)
as President Nixon (voice)
as Plucky Duck / Wade Pig (voice)
as Plucky Duck / Tupelo Toad / Johnny Carson / Ed McMahon / Elmer Fudd / Additional Voices (voice)
as Yosemite Sam / Foghorn Leghorn (voice)
Image Joe Alaskey not available yet
Name: Joe Alaskey
Born: 1952-04-17
Age: 64
Gender: Male
City: Troy, New York, U.S.
Know works: 24
Died Date: 2016-02-03
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