Jean-Claude Van Damme

as Master Croc (voice)
as Stillman
as Samson Gaul
as George
as Master Croc (voice)
as Colonel Merot
as Frenchie
as J.C.V.D.
as Anthony Stowe
as Charles
as Phillippe Sauvage
as Cmdr. Samuel 'Sam' Keenan
as Himself
as Kyle LeBlanc
as Jacques Kristoff
as Replicant / Garrotte
as Rudy Cafmeyer / Charles Le Vaillant
as Eddie Lomax
as Alain Lefevre
as Marcus Ray
as Jack Quinn
as Christopher Dubois
as Alain Moreau / Mikhail Suverov
as Darren Francis Thomas McCord
as Max Walker
as Colonel William Guile
as Chance Boudreaux
as Luc Devreux/GR44
as Alex / Chad Wagner
as Leon Gaultier
as Louis Burke
as Kurt Sloane
as Gibson Rickenbacker
as Frank Dux
as Ivan Kraschinsky the Russian
as Spectator in First Dance Sequence
Image of Jean-Claude Van Damme
Name: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Born: 1960-10-18
Age: 61
Gender: Male
City: Sint-Agatha Berchem, Belgium
Know works: 64
Died Date:
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