Henry O'Neill

as Squire O'Neill
as Joe D. Habersham
as Charlie Barnes
as Morgan Caldwell
as Roger Bradley, Sr.
as Detective Dorn
as Mr. Crowley
as Judge Ben Hobbs
as Timothy Hearne
as President Hotchkiss
as Gen. Thomas F. Farrell
as Lewis J. Malbery
as Prof. Horace Appleby
as Admiral Hammond
as Lt. Cmdr. Roger Graystone
as Maj. Gen. Lee Rand
as John Dyckman Brown II
as Colonel Watrous
as Senator Edward White
as Professor Josh Pringle
as Charles Steed
as Mr. Danny Churchill, Sr.
as Maj. Roger W. Reeber
as Inspector Holcomb
as Cmdr. Stone M.C
as The Reverend Dr. Roberts
as Père Juan Ramon
as Frank Eastman
as Lt. Col. Harry Seton
as Major Jason I. Sculley
as A.J. Verne
as District Attorney
as Cyrus Brody
as Colonel Dodge
as Prologue Speaker
as Calvin Jordan
as Parole Officer Masters
as Gen. Miguel Miramon
as Dr. Clinton Forrest, Sr.
as General Theopholus Bogardus
as Sam Trimble
as Colonel Ramm
as Mr. Calhoun
as Defense Attorney
as District Attorney Arthur Sheldon
as Dr. Endicott
as George Mason
as Admiral Thomas
as Henry Wells
as Commander Tisdale
as Captain Skinner (as Henry O'Neil)
as Dr. Thomas Haslett
as District Attorney Werner
as Father Xavier
as Mr. Agnew
as District Attorney Manchester
as District Attorney Roger Quinn
as John W. Hendricks
as Col. Barnes
as Lawyer Stephen 'Dinsy' Dinsmore
as Mr. Tuthill
as Harold Thornton
as J.C. Anderson
as J.R. Dickinson
as Banker Making Toast at Banquet
as George Richards
as Mr. John P. Schuyler
as Tommy Doran
as Dr. William Chester
as Edgar V. Ingersoll
as Inspector Donnelly
as Orin Nordholm Sr.
as Naval Officer
Image of Henry O'Neill
Name: Henry O'Neill
Born: 1891-08-10
Age: 70
Gender: Male
City: Orange, New Jersey, USA
Know works: 134
Died Date: 1961-05-18
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