Frank Reicher

as Darius 'Doc' Green
as Village Barber
as Razor the Barber
as H.W. Randall
as Pop, apartment concierge
as Dr. Chuter
as Jason Cragmyle
as Michael Hasdon
as Riker, the Butler
as Professor Schmidt
as Prof. Matthew Norman
as Frederick Ullman
as Rudick - the Assasin
as Dr. Hartman
as Dr. Thomas Bigelow
as Professor Matthew Norman
as Dr. Timmons
as Professor Baumer
as Edvaard Kreindling
as Jarvis, Goodwin's Butler
as Dr. Esterhazy
as Wiley Henderson
as Prof. Kendall
as Dr. Crattan
as Soviet Lawyer
as Baron von Bissing
as Duc de Morny
as Dr. Shumaker
as President of Assize Court
as Dr. Mathews
as Man in Charge of Duel
as Prefect of Police
as General Changarnier
as Police official
as Stage Director
as Carl - gang engineer
as Von Cram
as Rudolph Brehmer
as Monsieur Debillon
as Dr. Hoffenreich
as French General
as Theo Drukker
as Coachman to Paris
as Doctor Heimkin
as Gustave Roubet
as Herr Vanderkloot
as Dr. R.A. Jackson
as Herr Winterstein
as Captain Englehorn
as Dr. Stegg
as Herr Hauptman
as Joe Valerie
as Captain Englehorn
as The Cook - Spy
as Francesco Tomasulo
as Dr. Stecker
as The Schoolmaster
Image of Frank Reicher
Name: Frank Reicher
Born: 1875-12-02
Age: 90
Gender: Male
City: M√ľnchen, Germany
Know works: 100
Died Date: 1965-01-19
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