Forest Whitaker

as Reverend Kennedy
as Jack Jackson
as First Equisapien / Demarius
as Desmond Tutu
as Colonel G. T. Weber
as Titus 'Tick' Wills
as Narrator
as Inspector Franck Dotzler
as William Garnett
as Cecil Gaines
as Ali Sokhela
as Chief Wesley Barnes
as Agent John Bannister
as Reverend Cornell Cobbs
as Francisco Francis
as Dennis Larue
as Executive Producer
as Captain Jack Wander
as Lian-Chu (voice)
as Howard Lewis
as Charlie Archenault
as Dr. James Farmer Sr.
as Clyde Snow
as Lonnie Brewster (voice)
as Geoffrey Hunt
as Ted Younger
as Narrator (voice)
as Captain Ramey
as Agent Jules Bernard
as Officer Dante Jackson
as Nate Pope
as Cyrus Cole
as Dan Smithson, Empath
as Anthony Franklin
as Colonel MacKenzie 'Mac' Casey
as Director
as Major Collins
as Fred Whitmore
as Dr. Sid Handleman
as David Duttonville
as Dennis Curren
as Dr. Steven Fisher
as Charlie 'Bird' Parker
as Edward Montesque Garlick
as Det. Jack Pismo
as Sergeant Delaney
as Big Harold
Image of Forest Whitaker
Name: Forest Whitaker
Born: 1961-07-15
Age: 60
Gender: Male
City: Longview, Texas, USA
Know works: 102
Died Date:
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