Eric Stoltz

as Howard Goodman
as Jonathan Galassi
as Frank Stirn
as Daniel Graystone
as William Davis
as Fresno Burnbaum
as Teddy Carter
as Lawrence Selden
as Capt. Wallker Randall
as Thurman Parks III
as Nathaniel Branden
as Prosecutor Robert Laurino
as John Dantley
as Lester Grimm, aka Vince
as Dr. Steven Cale
as Richter Boudreau
as Ethan Valhere
as Howard Cazsatt
as Alan MacDonald
as Jeff Newman
as John Brooke
as Bill Thomas
as Joel Garcia
as The Mime
as Franck Cimballi
as Martin Brundle
as George Gibbs
as Percy Shelley
as Christopher
as Robert Nerra
as Matt Rutledge
as Roy L.'Rocky' Dennis
as Mark Warfield
as Danny Hicks
as Bill Conrad
Image of Eric Stoltz
Name: Eric Stoltz
Born: 1961-09-30
Age: 60
Gender: Male
City: Whittier, California, USA
Know works: 72
Died Date:
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