Donald Pleasence

as Phido the Vulture (voice)
as Soup slurper
as Howard Simpson
as Rev. Mortom
as Mr. Justice Lawrence Wargrave
as Heinrich Spaatz
as Captain Thomas Rosza
as Henry Carlson
as Inspector Datti
as Mr. Kidd (segment "The Room")
as Prosper Gaffney
as Lord Copper
as Clodius Flaucus
as Father Lenoir
as Sir Oliver Oates
as Professor John McGregor
as Commissario Danesi
as J.P. Whittier
as Minister Eretz
as Victor Frankenstein / Baron Frankenstein
as President of the United States
as Dr. Sam Loomis
as Pickering, Chief of the B-Squad
as Dr. Jack Seward
as Albert Rumpelmayer
as General Villanova
as Dr. Sam Loomis
as James Doniac
as Doctor Harmon
as Nicolai Dalchimsky
as Valentine De'ath (segment 3 "Hollywood 1936")
as Pontius Pilate
as Sir Giles Marley
as Erich Count von Plasma
as Professor Nolter
as Prof. R.C. Tremayne
as Jim Dougall, Sr.
as Insp. Calhoun
as Ebenezer Balfour
as Isaac Q. Cumber
as Dr. Freedom
as General Kahlenberge
as Preacher Quint
as Ernst Stavro Blofeld
as Gregori Andreanu
as The Dark Hermit - Satan
as Flight Lt. Colin Blythe "The Forger"
as Mac Davies / Bernard Jenkins
as Captain Pinski
as Mr. Jenkins
as Everett Sloane
as Gus Hawkins
as Parsons, alias Bill Brown
as Mr. Puppleworth
as Jessel Brown
as Organ Grinder
as R. Parsons
as Cpl. Martin (as Donald Plesance)
Image of Donald Pleasence
Name: Donald Pleasence
Born: 1919-10-05
Age: 76
Gender: Male
City: Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England, UK
Know works: 132
Died Date: 1995-02-02
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