Bruce Cabot

as Sam Sharpnose
as Albert R. Saxby
as King Wolyoe
as Sheriff Brady
as Colonel Morgan
as Frank Pierce
as Quartermaster Quoddy
as Sheriff Maledon
as Bill Henderson
as Riley Condor
as Little Wolf
as Maj. Henry (Ranger CO)
as Gunner Lowrie
as Jake Stillman
as Cart Belknap
as Big Steve Holloway
as Bard Macky
as Frank Denton
as Steve Batchellor
as Dave Atkins
as Bob Phillips
as Col. Fontaine
as Gerald Forsythe
as William Crawford
as Smiley Ryan
as Lehrman Slade
as Jeff Surrett
as Carl Beyersdorf / Ted Healey
as Jim 'Silk' Loomis
as John 'Lucky' Walden
as Kirby Dawson
as Cal Calhoun
as Ralph McFarland
as Lane Franklyn
as Jack Driscoll
as Captain Lafe Resnick
Image of Bruce Cabot
Name: Bruce Cabot
Born: 1904-04-20
Age: 68
Gender: Male
City: Carlsbad, New Mexico, U.S.
Know works: 63
Died Date: 1972-05-03
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