Original music composers

Cover of Henry Jackman Henry Jackman
Cover of Michael Andrews Michael Andrews
Cover of Ryuichi Sakamoto Ryuichi Sakamoto
Cover of Marlin Skiles Marlin Skiles
Cover of Rachel Portman Rachel Portman
Cover of Michel Colombier Michel Colombier
Cover of Albert Glasser Albert Glasser
Cover of Robert Folk Robert Folk
Cover of Stanley Chow Fook-Leung Stanley Chow Fook-Leung
Cover of Gioachino Rossini Gioachino Rossini
Cover of G. V. Prakash Kumar G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cover of Gopi Sunder Gopi Sunder
Cover of Charles Bernstein Charles Bernstein
Cover of Jerry Fielding Jerry Fielding
Cover of Terence Blanchard Terence Blanchard
Cover of Herman Stein Herman Stein
Cover of Francis Lai Francis Lai
Cover of Wajid Khan Wajid Khan
Cover of Ronald Stein Ronald Stein
Cover of Mani Sharma Mani Sharma
Cover of Piero Umiliani Piero Umiliani
Cover of William Alwyn William Alwyn
Cover of Clint Mansell Clint Mansell
Cover of Jorge Arriagada Jorge Arriagada
Cover of Khaled Hammad Khaled Hammad
Cover of Nicola Piovani Nicola Piovani
Cover of Peer Raben Peer Raben
Cover of Sulaiman Merchant Sulaiman Merchant
Cover of André Previn André Previn
Cover of Bruce Broughton Bruce Broughton
Cover of Marcelo Zarvos Marcelo Zarvos
Cover of Lorne Balfe Lorne Balfe
Cover of Kim Tae-seong Kim Tae-seong
Cover of Alessandro Cicognini Alessandro Cicognini
Cover of Yasushi Akutagawa Yasushi Akutagawa
Cover of Stanley Black Stanley Black
Cover of Paul Misraki Paul Misraki
Cover of Stewart Copeland Stewart Copeland
Cover of Marcello Giombini Marcello Giombini
Cover of Mark Snow Mark Snow
Cover of Gerhard Heinz Gerhard Heinz
Cover of James Bernard James Bernard
Cover of Jean Wiener Jean Wiener
Cover of Georges Van Parys Georges Van Parys
Cover of Antón García Abril Antón García Abril
Cover of Rupert Gregson-Williams Rupert Gregson-Williams
Cover of Ernest Gold Ernest Gold
Cover of John Ottman John Ottman
Cover of Shinichirô Ikebe Shinichirô Ikebe
Cover of Amit Trivedi Amit Trivedi
Cover of Simon Boswell Simon Boswell
Cover of Himesh Reshammiya Himesh Reshammiya
Cover of Lawrence Shragge Lawrence Shragge
Cover of Joel McNeely Joel McNeely
Cover of Robert O. Ragland Robert O. Ragland
Cover of Fred Karlin Fred Karlin
Cover of Angelo Badalamenti Angelo Badalamenti
Cover of Sei Ikeno Sei Ikeno
Cover of Federico Jusid Federico Jusid
Cover of Max Richter Max Richter
Cover of Salim Merchant Salim Merchant
Cover of Laurence Rosenthal Laurence Rosenthal
Cover of Cliff Martinez Cliff Martinez
Cover of Cho Young-wuk Cho Young-wuk
Cover of Marvin Hamlisch Marvin Hamlisch
Cover of Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
Cover of Takeo Watanabe Takeo Watanabe
Cover of Quincy Jones Quincy Jones
Cover of Richard Addinsell Richard Addinsell
Cover of Richard Gibbs Richard Gibbs
Cover of John Scott John Scott
Cover of David Arnold David Arnold
Cover of Paul Haslinger Paul Haslinger
Cover of Miles Goodman Miles Goodman
Cover of Adrian Johnston Adrian Johnston
Cover of Charles Fox Charles Fox
Cover of Raoul Kraushaar Raoul Kraushaar
Cover of Vladimir Dashkevich Vladimir Dashkevich
Cover of Vishal Bhardwaj Vishal Bhardwaj
Cover of Jack Nitzsche Jack Nitzsche
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