Addison Richards

as Huntingdon Lawford
as The Future-being Advocate
as President James Polk
as District Attorney Roy Kasden
as Sam Cosgrove
as Steve Harper
as Gen. Crook
as Police Commissioner John Dixon
as Dr. Wickersham
as James Blackton
as Reverend Miller
as District Attorney Gordon
as Captain Bates, G-2
as Police Inspector
as John Ellis
as Plummer
as Attorney Cavanagh
as Slim Phillips
as Maj. Corbett
as Maj. Pat Walsh
as Ferguson
as Maj. Daniels
as Prison Warden
as Cmdr. Rowland
as District Commissioner
as R.T. Lindsay
as Chief Gary Benson
as Attorney Malcolm Kilgore
as Herbert Wilson
as Lt. Detective George Bradley
as Judge
as District Attorney
as District Attorney
as Matt Lashan
as Captain Harlow
as Gen. George Custer
as Miitary Academy Commandant
as Mayor Luke Keeler
as Divorce Lawyer
as Dr. Tom Wood
as Lieutenant Crofton
as Kincaid
as Capt. Hunter
as Naturalization Judge
as Vice Admiral
as Inspector Melvyn Fromm
as Bruce Corvall
as Frederick Allison
as Streeter - President of Radex
as The Judge
as Inspector
as Inspector Bresnahan
as Colonel King
as Prosecuting Attorney
as Gordon Fox - the Attorney
as Fred MacLane
as Fitz Mularkay
as Fred Adams
as Prison Warden
as Dan Varner
as Mr. B.C. Hill
as Capt. Matanaza
as Warden Williams
as Mel Purdue
as Frank Wilson Sr.
as William Coleman
as District Attorney
as District Attorney
as Bruce J. Gregory
as Jack Carter
Image of Addison Richards
Name: Addison Richards
Born: 1902-10-20
Age: 62
Gender: Male
City: Zanesville, Ohio, USA
Know works: 127
Died Date: 1964-03-22
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